Website and Logo for Beautiful Brides By Charlotte.

Charlotte is a hair and make up artist based in Hertfordshire. Charlotte came to me looking for a logo and website for her new business venture.

After some initial conversations I had good idea of what Charlotte wanted to achieve with the website and went away to come up with some ideas for her.

I presented Charlotte with an initial idea for the website design and she loved it. I then went away to refine the design, improve functionality edit all the images used on the site.

What you see here is the finished result and it’s working great!

The logo, while not the ‘traditional’ idea of a logo for a hair and make up artist, is an expression of Charlottes personality. It would have been easy to go down the route of a models hair in silhouette, but why not think outside of the box a little!

It’s great, easy to use with text or with out and display just the daisy, simple and recognisable.

slab:studio host the website and also provide a monthly update and daily back up service.