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Production Box are a production company that work with event producers on inspirational brand experiences to high profile outdoor public events. They have the expertise to create large scale concerts, festivals and international touring productions.

These guys have an incredible roster of clients ranging from Muse to ITV. Experts in stadium show to live TV shows they look after some of the biggest artists in the world.

And they needed a new website.

So, who you gonna’ call…?

Slab Studio!

Their old one was built in Wix and it was fine for their first season, but soon as their business grew they needed a new website that could showcase their ever growing portfolio. Plus Wix is limiting and is a great tool for getting something off the ground quickly but terrible if you want to scale it up.
The site is big, bold and in your face. Blocky fonts specified by the client, bold 100vw images fill the screen and content scrolls in as the user navigates through the site.
The team bios feature overlays that pop up when the user clicks on that particular team members image. The recent work page features images that overlay over the current image when hovered and link through to the project.
The services page features the now trademark full width images and dropdown elements which break down each phase of that particular service.
A particular favourite is the full screen menu that when the list items are hovered over they display their content in the background scaled up to 100vw’s. This feature is worth looking at, it’s pretty jazzy.

The website looks especially banging on a phone, which is good as it was built mobile first.

Go check it out and please give Slab a shout if you want to do something together.

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Give me a call, send an email or use the form below to contact Alex @slab:studio and let’s get this party started!