The Bigrock Room

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Website Design

Slab Studio and The Bigrock Room have embarked on an exciting collaboration to craft a cutting-edge website that will redefine The Bigrock Room’s online presence.

Slab Studio, known for its innovative design prowess, is bringing its creative expertise to the table, while The Bigrock Room, a recording studio and live music room, is contributing its unique identity and vision.

Together, they aim to seamlessly merge artistry and functionality, ensuring the website not only showcases The Bigrock Room’s projects such as album releases and live studio recordings for their YouTube channel and the artists on their sister record label Bigrock Records.

After trying to build the website in a DIY website builder and coming up against multiple frustrations, The Bigrock Room approached Slab Studio to help bring their vision to life. The result is an elegant website, optimised for all devices, displaying all their offering and hiding lots of technical elements to enhance the user experience across all devices.


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